Leader: David Pearson, with support from other volunteers.

Description: It is a given that water is not only important, but also essential to life. Water is easy to ignore when weather is normal and precipitation not excessive. We get concerned when the weather turns ugly. In this course we will examine the flow of water in our watershed. Water flows downhill and our streams are always moving. Water is the universal solvent and as such the pure rainwater picks up minerals, organic compounds, living microscopic organisms and particles as it passes from small to large streams to rivers to bays or oceans. Even though the amount of water in our rivers and streams is one millionth of the total water on earth, it is the most important part. "Rivers have served as crucibles of evolution, pathways of colonization, sources of power, and inspiration and topsoil." (David Quammen)

Come with us, as we look at the workings our watershed, its pleasures and its problems. Some of the specific topics are listed below.

  1. Living water and stream biodiversity, water quality testing
  2. Agricultural runoff, riparian buffers, and streambank stabilization
  3. Urban runoff, stormwater control, pervious surfaces, lawns, rain gardens
  4. Wetlands: importance to the environment, restoration and replacement
  5. Dams: sediments, fish barriers, eels and mussels, shad, the local "fabridam", legacy sediments from mills
  6. Save the [Chesapeake] Bay: the big picture

Several field trips are part of the course. Possible sites include the remediation ponds at the headwaters of Buffalo Creek, wetland ponds at Ards' farm market, and the waste management facility in Mifflinburg.

Biography: David Pearson retired from the Bucknell Biology Department in 2004. He has been on the Board of the Buffalo Creek Watershed Alliance of the Merrill W. Linn Land & Waterways Conservancy for several years. This is the 8th course he has developed for BILL.

Materials for Course: Handouts will be provided as needed.

Number of Participants:

Minimum 5
Maximum 20

Location: Public Library for Union County - Large Meeting Room

Meeting time:  THIS SUMMER --- Monday, Wednesday, Friday June 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, and 20 from 10 a.m. to noon

(Note: Each class is two hours long.)


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