As a Bucknell engineering student, you'll have special opportunities to prepare for your future. Bucknell's College of Engineering provides its students with the tools to question, explore, synthesize, and fully participate in the achievement of their professional and personal goals.

Mission Statement

The College of Engineering is dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities in engineering to a predominantly undergraduate student body. In accord with the University's Mission Statement, the College nurtures the intellectual, professional, and personal development of its students. The College strives to prepare them for entry into the engineering profession, related fields and graduate programs, and for continuing development as highly competent professionals and responsible members of society.

A Bucknell engineering education is distinguished by frequent interaction between students and faculty, a strong laboratory component in the curricula, and an emphasis on learning within a liberal arts university environment. The faculty are dedicated to teaching excellence and are actively engaged in scholarship in support of our educational mission, the discipline, or the profession.

Career Goals

Looking toward a world that increasingly demands professional flexibility and versatility, Bucknell nurtures student growth through close association with faculty who are accomplished teachers and distinguished scholars and through programs designed to anticipate the conditions of the workplace:

  • a common first-year learning experience that allows you to make informed decisions regarding your choice of major within engineering (See Exploring Engineering)
  • use of innovative pedagogy that recognizes students' particular learning styles and helps you fully develop your intellectual and technical skills
  • an optional five-year program leading to bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering
  • full and innovative integration of information technology into the curriculum
  • the College of Engineering ECLIPSE Program, linking students and alumni in a wide range of programs and activities
  • an alumni/student mentoring program
  • spirited competition with other engineering schools in projects such as floating a concrete canoe, building a better all-terrain vehicle, designing and constructing a steel bridge, and solving computer programming problems

Personal Achievement

Drawing upon the resources of a liberal arts university, Bucknell prepares students to achieve personal goals by promoting overall intellectual growth and development through these offerings:

  • an optional five-year program in liberal arts and engineering, resulting in a combined bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in engineering degree
  • an optimal five-year program resulting in a combined bachelor of science in engineering and a bachelor of management degree
  • a full range of activities designed to cultivate skills and develop leadership, including hundreds of clubs and organizations, student government, and intramural and varsity athletic teams
  • overseas study opportunities that allow you to develop and maintain an awareness of the international dimensions of your engineering education

Bucknell graduates enter the job market with a breadth of preparation and outlook that makes them leaders in their field. This same preparation will allow you to develop a sense of ethics and professionalism, become a critical thinker and a lifelong learner--traits that will serve you well in the pursuit of your personal goals.