The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a graduate degree in the form of Master of Science to select candidates. Coursework for master's degree students involves advanced study of core chemical engineering principles, and a selection of topical electives. A primary component of the degree is the master's thesis, which is completed upon conducting independent original work on a research, modeling or design problem, under supervision of a faculty adviser. In addition, master's degree students serve as leaders and mentors to the undergraduate population in research or course laboratory settings. The time required for completion of the degree program is typically 2 years. Full financial support, as graduate assistantships, is offered to qualified applicants.

While our master's program is designed for applicants with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, individuals who hold undergraduate degrees in related engineering or science disciplines may be eligible for admission. In these cases, such students may be required to complete or audit a number of undergraduate engineering courses as corequisites for the graduate coursework. These situations are considered on a case by case basis, and the graduate coordinator of the department should be contacted for an evaluation of prior coursework and assessment of the eligibility and requirements for entering the program.

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