Collaborative Learning Environment

Dana 120C

The Collaborative Learning Environment consist of four rooms on the first floor of the Dana Engineering Building. It contains two modern, flexible collaborative studios (132 and 134) and two accompanying seminar or breakout rooms (130 and 136). The two seminar rooms seat 12-16 students. The collaborative studio in Dana 134 seats 36-40 students and is equipped with notebook computers, while that in Dana 132 is designed to seat 24 students and has 12 fixed, Windows workstations. All four rooms contain modern projection facilities, and Dana 132 housed video conference equipment.

Dana 120B

This collaborative environment is used to develop and explore new methods of instruction aimed at helping all Bucknell engineering students learn their subject material more effectively, while at the same time learning the methods of collaborative work to solve open-ended, real world problems like those they will face in the workplace after graduation.