This multipurpose facility is designed to facilitate instruction and research of the processes involved in combustion systems used in power generation systems, especially land-based gas turbines. These devices are highly sensitive to fuel composition. Engineers developing the next generation of high-efficiency, low-emission, fuel-flexible combustion systems need to better understand the processes that affect combustor performance.

This facility is equipped with an optically-accessible, atmospheric-pressure, continuous-flow model gas turbine combustion chamber that can operate on gaseous or liquid fuels. Diagnostic equipment includes an emissions analyzer system, which is capable of measuring oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and has piezoelectric pressure transducers for measuring high-speed pressure oscillations, and a photomultiplier system to capture light emission associated with high-speed heat release fluctuations.

Students in Thermodynamics II (MECH 216); Gas Turbines (MECH 441); Fundamentals of Combustion (MECH 4470-; and independent study or honors theses candidates regularly use this facility.