An important evolving focus in engineering is the development and implementation of innovative methods for designing mechanisms, robots and automated production processes that go beyond current forms and capabilities. The Laboratory for Innovative Design of Intelligent Systems at Bucknell is an educational and research facility which enables students and faculty to be active participants in the creative design, analysis and development of intelligent systems that better serve the future needs of industry and society as a whole.

Rich educational opportunities are available in LIDIS in support of courses including Robotics (MECH 453), Mechatronics (MECH 463), Mechanism Design (MECH 464) and Senior Design (MECH 401/402). More in-depth research opportunities are available to students through independent studies, honors theses and summer research projects. Externally funded projects in LIDIS have included Urban Robots (Office of Naval Research), Pulse-Width Control (National Science Foundation), CI-TEAMS Cyber-Collaboratory (NSF), and Biologically Inspired Compliant Mechanisms (NSF).

The lab includes the following hardware:

  • MobileRobots Pioneer P3-DX: A wheeled robot platform with a variety of sensors for testing and analysis
  • Seiko Instruments TT-8550: A four-axis SCARA-type robotic arm with gripper
  • Pinnacle Explorer ZX Laser Engraver: Rapidly fabricates planar proof-of-concept prototypes
  • Festo mechatronic laboratory stations
  • Stations for mechanical assembly, fabrication and electrical assembly and basic fabrication
  • Numerous workstations for design and testing