Dana 150 - This laboratory contains nondestructive evaluation and materials testing equipment. Various research projects related to materials processing, characterization and testing of nanomaterials, hard coatings and composites are conducted in this lab and the related Materials Processing and Manufacturing Lab (Dana 145).

Equipment includes magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection systems to aid in surface flaw detection. An Innovex handheld X-ray alloy analyzer (a-2000) allows the ability to deliver alloy chemistry and grade identification in an instant. A DISP-16 channel acoustic emission system from Physical Acoustics Corporation also is included in the nondestructive evaluation facility and is used to identify the point of failure in materials under a load, without damaging the sample. A rotating bend fatigue tester also examines cold spray coatings for use on aerospace defense vehicles.

The lab contains extensive corrosion analysis capabilities and is equipped with Gamry potentiostats and an ECM8 electrochemical 120V multiplexer, which allow for multiple specimens to be tested at once. Research-grade electrochemical instruments are installed in portable and desktop computers. Also included in this laboratory is a 15-cubic-foot Autor Technology salt fog and humidity chamber (model 15-A) for standard cyclic accelerated corrosion testing.

This laboratory is used extensively for faculty research as well as for courses including Manufacturing Processes (MECH 344); Solid Mechanics (MECH 353); and Senior Design classes as well as for the elective courses Mechanics of Composites (MECH 470/670) and Fracture Mechanics (MECH 466).