Dana 145 - This laboratory contains materials processing and inspection and evaluation equipment for research projects. The facility also is used to process materials for prototypes and to inspect materials and products in Manufacturing Processes (MECH 355).

The lab currently includes a Z Corp 3-D printer, a computer-controlled coordinate measuring machine (CMM), an optical comparator, two ultrasonic scanners, and a fused deposition modeler. The students in MECH 355 operate the Z Corp 3-D printer to generate layered manufactured prototypes, and use the computer-controlled CMM to inspect parts that they have made in the University's Product Development Laboratory. Students in the elective course Computer Integrated Manufacturing (MECH 462) use the computer-controlled CMM and the optical comparator for an exercise in statistical process control and process capability.

The ultrasonic A- and B-scan systems (made by General Electric and Krautkramer), the handheld pocket UT system (P/N: 1600-7074) with C-scan capabilities, the CMM, and the optical comparator are used in a research project investigating the impact of welding parameters on the quality of structural steel flash butt welds. This and similar projects also make use of related equipment in the Materials Characterization and Nondestructive Evaluation Lab, the Product Development Lab, and the Materials Testing Lab (i.e. Leco mount/grind/polish equipment, Olympus optical microscope, and JEOL scanning electron microscope).