The Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association (BEAA) experienced another great year in providing support to the College of Engineering, encouraging its alumni to assist and support the College, its programs, and students. Up to 36 alumni and 12 students serve each year on the BEAA Board of Directors.

At the February 2014 meeting, Dan Eshelman, Jill Baumbach, Kathy Olsen, Will Brennan, Alyssa Rollando, Amanda Ruppert, Taylor Zahn, Jaime Vasquez, and Megan Reid, nine special graduates of Bucknell fulfilled their student term on the BEAA Board of Directors. The BEAA Board sincerely appreciates their valued involvement in the activities of the BEAA over the past one to three years.

At the June 2014 meeting, the BEAA Board recognized several alumni who fulfilled their terms on the BEAA Board as follows:

  • Jim Geiling '55, Joanne Janssen '87, and Stacy Wolin '87 each completed nine years of service on the BEAA Board of Directors.
  • Brad Gething '01 completed six years of service on the board.
  • Sarah Prendergast Manley '08 and Daniel Weimer '10 completed their terms on the board representing alumni who have graduated within the past five years. 

The BEAA Board of Directors congratulates and extends best wishes to the student members who graduated in 2014 as well as a sincere thank you to the above mentioned alumni who have given their time over the past several years to support the BEAA and the College of Engineering.