The mission of the Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association shall be to promote the general well being of the College of Engineering of Bucknell University by developing among alumni an active and enduring interest in involvement in the affairs of the University.

Its goals shall be to promote the interest of Bucknell's College of Engineering by

  1. Encouraging alumni, as individuals, to assist and support the College of Engineering, its programs and students.
  2. Providing the leadership and the means for the alumni to unite in their efforts to support and strengthen the College.
  3. Working with the administration of the College to achieve unity of purpose and activity and, through its officers, to make recommendations to the Administration concerning matters essential to the welfare of the college.
  4. Disseminating information that will keep the alumni well informed about the College, the University and the Association.
  5. Assisting in raising funds for the improvement of the College.
  6. Encouraging qualified, desirable students to apply for admission to the University.
  7. Educating undergraduates concerning their relationship and ongoing responsibility to the College and the University as a whole.
  8. Providing services and programs beneficial to alumni, which foster and promote allegiance to the College and the University as a whole.
  9. Providing a means, such as mentoring and career assistance, by which alumni can assist College faculty and students to enhance the students' Bucknell experience.