The five-year program in engineering and management offers students the opportunity to combine the technical capabilities of engineering with the business acumen of management.

Students who complete this program are awarded a single degree consisting of the Bachelor of Science in engineering degree (within a specific engineering discipline) and the Bachelor of Management for Engineers degree. The degree has the same ABET accreditation status as the four-year Bachelor of Science degree in the engineering program selected.

The Bachelor of Management for Engineers degree consists of eight management courses, including an introduction to organizations and management, accounting principles and practices, business law, business strategy, business ethics, corporate finance and marketing. Specific course requirements

Students in this program must fulfill the distribution requirements and the major requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences and either the Bachelor of Science in biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental or mechanical engineering, or the Bachelor of Science in computer science and engineering. Suggested course sequences for each five-year program are available from the Office of the Dean of Engineering.

Enrollment is limited, so prospective students are encouraged to apply for admission directly into the program. Students may be able to apply to transfer into the dual degree program during the first four semesters of one of the engineering B.S. programs, and should consult with the associate dean of engineering as early as possible and not later than the third semester of study.

For more information, contact Associate Dean Terri Norton.