Each year the College of Engineering holds an Engineering Student Research Symposium to showcase the work that's being performed by our talented students. At the core of its mission, the College of Engineering strives to prepare students for entry into the engineering profession, related fields and graduate programs, and for continuing development as highly competent professionals and responsible members of society.

The engineering faculty are firmly dedicated to teaching excellence and actively engaged in scholarship in support of our educational mission and their disciplines. When students collaborate directly with faculty on challenging research projects, it brings together these two complementary goals and enhances our ability to fulfill our educational mission. Bucknell provides extensive opportunities for such research, and students and faculty both benefit greatly from these interactions. We are proud to showcase the research activities of our engineering students, and it is a pleasure to celebrate their achievements.

The symposium is held in concert with an annual College of Engineering Celebration Dinner co-hosted by the Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association, an organization committed to enriching our educational programs and enhancing a wide range of opportunities for our students.