A week-long workshop experience for returning engineering students that emphasizes the use of product development tools (such as basic woodworking, hand-tools, material selection, using CAD technology, laser-cutting/engraving, and 3-D printing) that will help students to develop functional prototypes of their ideas.

Beyond developing the hands-on skills required to make a functional prototype, students learn how to leverage their creativity and bring their ideas to market through an overview of the product development process (extending from conception of a new idea, through market analysis and intellectual property, and ending in supply chain and manufacturing). This element involves teaming with an external client, who presents the product development opportunities. Past clients include the Purple Platypus, the American Red Cross, and the Lewisburg Children's Museum. To date, B-FAB for students has run three times, with a total of 50 students completing the program.

B-FAB for students was sponsored by a grant from the Kern Family Foundation during all four years, and by additional grants from Accenture in 2015, 2016, and 2017.