Because it is important for students of all disciplines to understand the way that new ventures can play critical roles in solving problems in our world and the process of launching a for-profit firm or social entrepreneurship organization, all GC Scholars will be required to complete some form of entrepreneurial activity from the following options:

  1. Completing the K-Wide (KEEN Winter Interdisciplinary Design Experience, see the video here) program, B-FAB or a similar multi-day immersive KEEN program.
  2. Completing one of the KEEN IDEA courses.
  3. Completing one or more classes relating to entrepreneurship taught within Bucknell's College of Management.
  4. Completing five seminars regarding topics of entrepreneurship, business, and/or intellectual property offered by Bucknell's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) on a regular basis.
  5. Securing an internship or other experience that explicitly involves a high degree of innovation, invention or related activity, such as an internship or other formal involvement with the Bucknell Entrepreneurs Incubator, or an extendedexternship with an entrepreneur or within an entrepreneurial organization.
  6. Participating in the Business Pitch Plan at Bucknell held in November each year or in the Start-Up Weekend event that is planned to be an annual event at Bucknell, or in a similar venture plan competition.
  7. Serving as a student consultant to the members of the outside community working with the SBDC.
  8. Involvement with a venture identified and initiated by the student and approved by the GCSP Committee.