We live in an interdependent world where we must cross cultural barriers on a regular basis to achieve many of the answers to our most pressing problems. Thus, the relevance of having a background that permits one to effectively overcome these barriers and work cohesively with others from around the world cannot be overlooked. All undergraduate engineering students at Bucknell currently are required to pass a course that is designated as a Global and Societal Perspectives course. GC Scholars at Bucknell will be required to complete an additional global awareness activity in order to understand the global aspects of the problem they are trying to solve and the contextual challenges to implementing solutions. Acceptable activities will in all foreseeable cases include international travel, as we believe it is difficult to fully appreciate cultural context without visiting a country. Acceptable activities will include:

  1. Studying abroad, either for a complete semester or as part of the CoE's three-week course ENGR 290 Engineering in a Global/Societal Context, or another Bucknell three-week study abroad course.
  2. Completing a summer internship abroad;
  3. Participating in a service trip abroad, such as the Bucknell Brigade's January and March trips to Nicaragua, the BACES trip to the Dominican Republic, or a Bicycles Against Poverty trip to Uganda;
  4. Any other global dimension activity proposed by the student that involves international travel and is approved by the GCSP Committee.
  5. Completing a GCSP summer course that involves international travel, as was the case in 2015.