Diego Aldana '18, mechanical engineering  

I am a recipient of the Reed-Garman Engineering Entrepreneurship Fund. This summer I worked on developing a business solely dedicated to helping people design, create and operate their own "MakerSpace." Part of this effort including working alongside a group of professors and administrators here at Bucknell University to develop the new addition to the 7th Street Studio. My contribution was to create user tutorials and policies that would allow students to learn how to safely operate the equipment within the space. The tutorials include a step-by-step process with images and are designed to allow students to learn on their own, with limited assistance from MakerSpace technicians. All tutorials and policies can be accessed on the 7th Street Studio website. With the combined efforts of professors and administrators, the 7th Street Studio is now open to all students, faculty and staff on campus.

As I worked alongside the Bucknell team, I realized the need for a business dedicated to establishing spaces such as makerspaces, hackerspaces, and/or hobby shops. Universities, high schools, libraries and non-academic institutions all are interested in creating these facilities. To address this demand, I have drafted a basic business model called S.T.E.A.M. HQ, which could help people start and operate a space by providing consultation and assistance throughout every step of the process, from design to operation.

Advisor: Professor Nate Siegel