I am working on tutorials for the machines that are stored in Dana 111, like the 3D printer. We are making our way toward an Electronic Project Development Lab that will allow students to work on their projects utilizing these extremely helpful machines. Our end goal is to have students come in, put on Google Glass, and be able to access all of the tutorials in order to learn how to use the equipment for their projects, whether it be personal or school related.

I am also working on a method to store all of the new electrical components and parts that were ordered by Bucknell. The end goal of this is to have students and faculty be able to place an order online, pay, and pick up the parts they need in a quick and efficient manner. This way, everyone will have access to all of the components they may need for their projects.

These two goals we have will hopefully lead to encouraging students to explore the world of electrical and computer engineering and make it easy to do so.