Samriddha Roy For most of the summer, I worked with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. My responsibilities were to create an online catalog to sell various electrical kits and components. All Bucknell students and faculty can access this catalog at any time from anywhere and can put an order request without having to meet with Matt Lamparter (Lab Director, ECE Department). The catalog will also help the ECE department keep track of the usage of different kits and components. I also created a WordPress website for the ECE department that hosts the links to the online catalog, the ECE YouTube channel and more details about the DANA 111 lounge. My last responsibility was to design a board where the Electrical Engineering freshmen can plug in their PCB boards and when all of the PCB boards sync up, they show a pattern.

Apart from the ECE Department job, I also worked as a Counselor for the Engineering Camp at Bucknell, Summer Residential Adviser at my residence hall and as an IT Consultant at the TechDesk in the library.