Fedora is the home of all of Bucknell's Digital Library content, and is available through any web browser at http://fedora.bucknell.edu.  Features include:

  • A user friendly interface for browsing and searching digital collections.
  • Ability to create, share, and export custom image groups.
  • Single Sign On Authentication with other Bucknell systems such as myBucknell and Zimbra webmail.
  • Storage and access to non-image objects such as PDF, audio, and video files.
  • Integration with the Cooliris browser plug-in for web-based presentations and 3D viewing of image galleries.

Contact Brody Selleck (bselleck@bucknell.edu)with any questions about Fedora, or to arrange a hands-on training session.

The Digital Initiatives Group encourages faculty, staff, and students wishing to create and manage personal collections of images to use Picasa. Picasa is a free tool available for PC and Linux users. A Mac version is expected to be released in the future. Contact Dan Mancusi for help using Picasa. Details about Picasa are available here.