The De Gregorio Collection

I. Introduction to the Collection
II. Cuneiform Tablets
III. Egyptian Fragments
IV. Mesoamerican Sacred Implement
V. Greek Script
VI. Bactrian Fragment
VII. Buddhist Dead Sea Scrolls
VIII. Incantation Bowls
IX. Leaves of Blackletter Script
X. Fragment of Korean Script
XI. Islamic Animal Occult Poem
XII. Armenian Illuminated Manuscript
XIII. Yemenite Kabalistic Prayers
XIV. Ethiopian Miniature Portraits

Artifacts in the De Gregorio Study Collection of Antiquities are powerful representations of the ancient world. Spanning hundreds of thousands of years, sweeping across a multitude of tribal alliances, empires, and continents, the artifacts represent one of the greatest achievements of humankind, the creation of written languages.

The truly extraordinary collection donated to Bucknell University by Dr. and Mrs. Bart De Gregorio, encompasses alphabets and languages passed from one civilization to another through clear cultural transmissions.

The images in this collection are viewable through Bucknell Digital Collections.


Doris Dysinger, Curator / Project Supervisor / Design Consultant
Deb Balducci, Photography
Mary Ann Williard, Photography
Daniel Mancusi, Web Design
Elizabeth Kendall '09, Photography
Spencer Davis '08, Web Design


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