Exploring the Past: WWII Posters

A Visual Adventure


World War I was called "the war to end all wars," but even more horrific tragedies followed—events that impact the world even now.  The roaring twenties roared in, and roared out, and Bucknellians went to war, again.  Think about the poeple newscaster Tom Brokaw called "the greatest generation."  They worked together, and they won.  Think of the millions lost.  Think of the realities depicted in visual metaphors: Black and White could work and serve together—but only during the pressures of war. Rosie could rivet in her trousers only as long as war workers were needed, then she went back to work in her backyard rose garden.

-Doris Dysinger, Curator


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NOTE: Links connect to specific posters and excerpts from History 100 student scholary investigations. Click the poster thumbnail to view full resolution image.
"Remember Dec. 7th"
Group II, Team 9
Chris Brian
Katie Williamson
"Let's All Fight"
Group II, Team 10
Cole Ciaburri
Ian Fullmer
Travis Frenzel
"Avenge December 7"
Group II, Team 7
Mary Jean Kim
Katherine Lamberth
"Your Scrap Brought it Down"
Group I, Team 9
Richard Thornburgh
Abigail Paules
"A Needless Loss"
Group I, Team 4
Joshua Goodman
Jack Swain
"A Needless Sinking"
Group II, Team 6
Mike Steinfeld
Kevin Recio
"Keep Them Coming"
Group II, Team 8
Chris Bishop
Derek Johnson
"The 6th War Loan"
Group I, Team 2
Luke Brown
Shane Riccio
"Attack Attack Attack"
Group II, Team 4
Alec Yount
Casey Williams
"Keep Him Flying"
Group I, Team 7
Davis Rosborough
Erin Weinstein
"Buy Bonds Every Payday"
Group I, Team 3
William Bradley
Shauna Weinstein
"The Mighty 7th War Loan"
Group I, Team 5
Josepth Debraggio
Robert Kelly
"Back 'Em Up"
Group II, Team 3
Gaby Skovire
Molly Burke
"United We Win"
Group II, Team 5
Ben Bible
David Iselin
"Free Labor Will Win"
Group II, Team 1
Amanda Rose
Josh Strauss
"United Nations Fight For Freedom"
Group II, Team 2
Chris Dunne
Nathan Lagrave
"Red Cross War Fund"
Group I, Team 1
Erica Austin
Samantha Deffler
"Doctors are Scarce"
Group I, Team 6
Rendall Thibeault
Emily Prentiss
"War Dogs"
Group I, Team 8
Charlie Morant
Jeff Pike

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