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RESC 098 01 CRN: 15803
Discovery of the Expressive Self
Prof. Gary Grant, Theater & Dance

Fulfills the following requirements:
Engineering Humanities, Writing Level 1

What is the relationship between creativity and knowledge? What are the differences in the creative process while working alone or in collaboration with others? What are the characteristics of a creative person? How can we develop our creative abilities? Centered in an experiential model of learning, this course will focus on improvisational performance as a means to explore these and other questions. Through stage performances, small group discussion situations, oral presentations and creative and analytical writing, this course will help you to develop an experiential and theoretical understanding of performance improvisation and to develop an appreciation of performance as a core experience in human activity. You will also develop a facility with risk-taking and managing stressful situations and you will gain greater confidence and awareness of the body and voice as flexible instruments of communication.


RESC 098 02 CRN: 15804
Printmaking as Social Commentary
Prof. Rosalyn Richards, Art & Art History

Fulfills the following requirements:
Engineering Humanities, Writing Level 1

Have you ever wanted to make art that expresses your personal views about what is happening in the world? This course provides an opportunity to find inspiration in social and political events and helps to build an expressive visual vocabulary that you can use to comment on issues that matter to you.

We will explore the graphic arts of printmaking (posters, book arts, woodcuts, silkscreen, etching, lithography) in order to understand how these media have shaped social critique and commentary throughout history and in our contemporary culture. This course will expose students to important artists in art history and also contemporary artists who use printmaking as a means to disseminate ideas and commentary about culture, politics and society. The class will have the opportunity to study and research original prints in the Samek Gallery print study room and hand made books in the Special Collections area of the library.

There is also an important studio component to this course, and students will be instructed in the basics of intaglio (etching) and woodblock printing. Assignments will be given that stress the creative aspects of printmaking as a means of communicating ideas, as well as the development of technical skills in printmaking as a medium. A portfolio of prints that may take the form of a visual narrative or artist's book, will be produced by the end of the semester, as well as a final presentation in the Samek print study room that involves individual research and collaboration with other students.


RESC 098 05 CRN: 16517
Portraits: The Self & The Other
Prof. Christiane Andersson, Art & Art History

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Writing Level 1

This course explores a type of visual art work that exists in all the cultures and in all historical periods after the Middle Ages, including our own; the portrait. It offers strong parallels and a rich tradition in the history of literature as well. The seminar will consider the special characteristics of portraiture in the art and literature and how this form of creative expression has been used over many centuries to reflect psychological, social, historical, political, economic, allegorical, satirical, pop culture and other content. Examples from the visual arts will be considered with reference to contemporary literary sources, such as biographies, autobiographies, etc.


RESC 098 15 CRN: 17048
Masks and Meaning
Prof. Elaine Williams, Theater & Dance

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Writing Level 1

Masks and Meaning explores mask design, ritual, and performance styles in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania where masks are used in ritual and performance as part of the life and culture of the community. We also consider our own masks of social identity. Other topics include the relationship of the actor to the mask, the transformational power of the mask to the contemporary performer, and imbuing masks with spirit. Mask and movement workshops are included in our study of Commedia dell'Arte and Japanese Noh Theatre. Research and class discussions will be used as springboards to inspire you to create masks of your own design that reflect the ritual needs of our contemporary community. You will focus your major research for the semester on a specific performance style or society that uses masks for religious ritual, community celebration, and/or artistic expression. The research will be presented as an oral presentation and will inspire an original mask in the style studied. Creative process and creative risk taking will be emphasized throughout this course. Our goal is discovery using the mind, eye, hand, and body. We will especially explore design, sculpting, and painting to learn; that is, using mask design as a process to help discover ideas in much the same way we use writing to help formulate our thoughts. Each design evolves from significant independent research and class discussion.

RESC 098 23 CRN: 17194
Activism and the Arts
Prof. Barry Long, Music

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Engineering Humanities, Writing Level 1

Investigate and assess the ways in which creative artists engage political movements and social change through the identification of important works and their situation within cultural and historical contexts. This course will provide an overview of seminal works that respond, influence, and inspire their historical contexts. A larger goal relating to the first year experience lies in a dialogue regarding how modern American society "sees" each other. What defines our identity and how in turn do we identify others? How do discussions and disputes over race, class, and prejudice present a challenge for living an examined life? Do social constructs exist that influence our impressions and decisions? Through an examination of creative works we will explore and challenge the values of modern society as well as our own.


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