From the Lewisburg Bridge take State Route (SR) 45 east for approximately 4 miles to Hobbes Road.

At the end of 0.1 mile-long Hobbes Road (LR 49054), turn left onto Shakespere Road and continue for 0.3 mile, then turn right onto South Mill Road and continue 1.6 miles to the village of Pottsgrove.

Turn right onto State Route (SR) 642 and continue for 0.8 mile to Creek Road -- turn left on Creek Road and continue 1.2 miles to a "Y" near I-80 -- bear right at the "Y" and continue for 0.9 mile to Mexico Road (passing under I-80 prior to reaching Mexico Road).

Turn right onto Mexico Road and continue approximately 2.9 miles to the Bucknell University Chillisquaque Creek Natural Area. A one-way trip from Bucknell University to the Natural Area is approximately 12 miles.