Educational Background

  • M.S., New Hampshire

Recent Activities

  • Translation of German documents into English.
  • Editing/rewriting/translation of Proceedings from the Gothenburg Symposia on Chemical Water and Wastewater Treatment, Springer-Verlag: Berlin (biennial conferences since 1985).

Research and teaching interest

  • Organismal
  • Molecular and cellular biology lab coordinator

Selected Publications

Knisely, K. 2005, A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology, 2nd ed. Sinauer Associates and W. H. Freeman, Sunderland, MA, 237 p.

Knisely, K. and W. Geller. 1986. Selective feeding of four zooplankton species on natural lake phytoplankton. Oecologia 69: 86-94.

Ikawa, M., T. Hartshorne, L. Caron, R.C. Iannitelli, L.J. Barbero, and K. Wegener*. 1984. Inhibition of growth of the green alga Chlorella pvrenoidosa by unsaturated fatty acids. J. Amer. Oil Chem. 61(12): 1877-1878.

Ikawa, M., K. Wegener*, T.L. Foxall, J.J. Sasner, Jr., T. Noguchi, and K. Hashimoto. 1982. Use of a strong cation exchange resin column for the study of paralytic shellfish poisons. J. Agric. Food Chem. 30: 526-528.

Ikawa, M., K. Wegener*, T.L. Foxall, and J.J. Sasner, Jr. 1982. Chemical comparison of the toxins of the blue-green alga Aphanizomenon flos-aquae with the Gonyaulax toxins. Toxicon 20(4): 747-752.

Ikawa, M., K. Wegener*, T.L. Foxall, J.J. Sasner, Jr., P.W. Carter, and N.H. Shoptaugh. 1981. Studies of the fluorometric determination of the toxins of the blue-green alga Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. In: The Water Environment: Algal Toxins and Health pp. 415-425 (Carmichael, W.W., ed.). New York: Plenum Press


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