Professor Haussmann teaches in the Department of Biology and in the Neuroscience Program.

Educational Background

  • B.S. Wartburg College, 1997
  • M.S. Iowa State University, 2000
  • Ph.D. Iowa State University, 2005

Teaching Interests

  • Animal Physiology
  • Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology
  • Biology of Aging
  • Organismal Biology
  • Ornithology

Research Interests

My interests in biology are diverse and my research draws from physiology, ecology, evolution and molecular biology. Most of my work explores questions related to the biology of aging. Why do we age? Why do some animals age more quickly than others? On a cellular level what is responsible for the aging process. Much of my work has been with birds, but I have also worked with reptiles, mammals and plants.

Selected Publications

Haussmann, M.F. & R.A. Mauck. 2008. Telomeres and longevity: testing an evolutinary hypothesis. Molecular Biology and Evolution 25: 220-228.

Haussmann, M.F. & R.A. Mauck. 2008. New strategies for telomere-based age estimation. Molecular Ecology Notes 8(2): 264-274.

Haussmann, M.F., D.W. Winkler., C.E. Huntington, I.C.T. Nisbet, & C.M. Vleck. 2007. Telomerase activity is maintained throughout the lifespan of long-lived birds. Experimental Gerontology 42:610-618.

Monaghan, P. & M.F. Haussmann. 2006. Telomere dynamics: Linking lifestyle and lifespan? Trends in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (TREE). 21(1):47-53.

Juola, F.A., M.F. Haussmann, D.C. Dearborn, & C.M. Vleck. 2006. Telomeres provide insight into lifespan and age structure of a long-lived marine bird. The Auk 123(3): 775-783.

Haussmann, M.F., D.W. Winkler, & C.M. Vleck. Longer telomeres associated with higher survival in birds. 2005. Biology Letters 1(2):212-214.

Haussmann, M.F. D.W. Winkler, K.M. O'Reilly, C.E. Huntington, I.C.T. Nisbet, & C.M. Vleck. 2003. Telomeres shorten more slowly in long-lived birds and mammals than in short-lived ones. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences, 270(1522):1387-1392.


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