and Major Requirements

Please Note: Courses below the 200-level do not fulfill requirements for the English Major.

All courses listed on this page count toward the eight-course minimum for the English major.

Course #
Requirement Fulfilled
ENGL 201 01 Nature Writing/Writing Nature CamutoMW 8:30-9:52 am Creative Writing

ENGL  201 02

Creative Writing Form & TheoryWaldrepTR 1-2:22pmCreative Writing
ENGL 202 01 Introduction to Fiction STAFFTR 8-9:22amCreative Writing
ENGL 202 02 Introduction to Fiction STAFFTR 1-2:22 pm Creative Writing
ENGL 203 01 Creative Writing: Nonfiction CamutoMW 3-4:22 pm Creative Writing
ENGL 204 02 Creative Writing: Poetry GillespieW 2-4:52pm Creative Writing
ENGL 204 03 Introduction to Poetry WaldrepTR 2:30-3:52pm Creative Writing
ENGL 209Modern American Lit. 1900-1950 PollackTR 1-2:22pm 20th Century
ENGL 213 Literary Approaches to the Graphic Novel Peterson, James MWF 1-1:52pm 20th Century
ENGL 217 Medieval Drama PonnuswamiTR 9:30-10:52 am Medieval
ENGL 218 Studies in Children's Literature Peterson, Jean WF 3-4:22 pm General Credit
ENGL 220 Young Adult Fiction ZimmermanTR 8-9:22 am General Credit
ENGL 228 Gender Topics CarrTR 9:30-10:52 am 20th Century
ENGL 238 Special Topics in Film Studies STAFFTR 2:30-3:52 pm 20th Century
ENGL 257 ShakespeareSTAFFTR 2:30-3:52 pm Renaissance
ENGL 261 Sense & Sensibility ClinghamTR 2:30-3:52 pm 18th Century
ENGL 270 Romantic Literature 1780-1832 McDayterTR 2:30-3:52 pm 19th Century
ENGL 290 Women's Voices in Hip Hop Peterson, James MW 8:30-9:52 am 20th Century
ENGL 300 Introduction to Literary Theory McDayterW 2-4:52 pm Seminar
ENGL 303 Seminar in Creative Nonfiction CamutoT 1-3:52 pm Seminar, Creative Writing
ENGL 305 Early American Literature DrexlerR 1-3:52 pm Seminar, 18th Century
ENGL 308 Seminar in Writing Poetry McCallumT 1-3:52 pm Seminar, Creative Writing
ENGL 309 Seminar in Writing Fiction STAFFMW 3-4:22 pm Seminar, Creative Writing
ENGL 326 Seminar in Yeats RickardM 2-4:52 pm Seminar, 20th Century
ENGL 340 Empire and Archipelago SiewersF 2-4:52 pm Seminar, Medieval
ENGL 358 Shakespeare on Film Peterson, Jean

TR 2:30-3:52 pm,
W 7-9:52 pm

Seminar, Renaissance
ENGL 370 Baggy Monsters: Dickens/Eliot ZimmermanTR 1-2:22 pm Seminar, 19th Century
ENGL 378 Thesis Workshop DrexlerF 2-4:52 pm Seminar
ENGL 392 The African-American Novel GillespieT 1-3:52 pmSeminar, 20th Century

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