The Department of English offers courses in literature, creative writing, and film/ media. Students in our classes learn to express themselves critically and creatively through engagements with text, writing, and visual media. Majors deepen their imaginative and creative capacities; they acquire valuable critical thinking and communication skills. Students enjoy a range of opportunities to extend these skills in and beyond the classroom, including internships, digital media projects, editing and publishing, conference presentations, creative performance, publication, study abroad, and independent research.

The Majors

Bucknell’s English department offers three majors and accompanying minors: Creative Writing, Film/Media Studies, and Literary Studies. Students may also double-major or triple-major across programs in English, and in other fields.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Program offers students the opportunity to focus their study on the creation of literary texts through workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Immersed in the study of the literary tradition, students will practice craft and technique, develop voice and style, and gain exposure to a wide and diverse set of voices in contemporary literature as inspiration for their own work. The Program partners with the Stadler Center for Poetry to provide a diverse reading series and a vibrant slate of writers in residence, as well as internships on campus, thereby enhancing connections with living writers and enabling students to apply their skills beyond the classroom.

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Film/Media Studies

The Film/Media Studies major teaches students to critically engage, understand, and produce moving images. Courses challenge students to think historically, theoretically, and analytically about a wide range of audiovisual media including cinema, radio, television, and new media. The Film/Media Studies major also encourages students to apply their knowledge by producing creative work in media production courses. Film/Media Studies is partnered with Lewisburg's Campus Theatre for classroom screenings and also uses the Marts Film/Media Production Studio for production classes.

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Literary Studies

Literary Studies offers students courses in global English literatures from medieval poetry to postmodern theory, supporting their growth as critical writers and readers with skills in literary rhetoric and poetics, and with empathy for varied cultures. It fosters a range of student research, honors projects and internships, aimed at developing skills in critical thinking and writing, and rhetorical and narrative analysis, including both experiential and logical understanding of how narratives shape our lives, and how we shape cultural narratives.

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The Minors

Three minors are available in the English department:

Honors in English

The student, under the guidance of a faculty member, undertakes a specifically tailored sequence of courses and independent work culminating in an honors thesis, evaluated by a panel of three faculty members. Students may also write a departmental thesis without applying for Honors in English. Students writing theses should enroll in ENGL 379 Senior Thesis during the semester in which they plan to complete the thesis.

For information on teaching English and communication in secondary school, see Professor Saundra Morris.

Culminating Experience

In addition to completing a body of specialized coursework, students in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete an approved culminating experience in their senior year. The successful culminating experience draws together a student's disciplinary experiences and provides a more coherent appreciation of the major's academic discipline. All English majors complete The English Experience: a Culminating Experience. Current students can learn more about this at