This is a project from the 2012 Environmental Studies 411 'Community Projects' senior clinic course.

Sunbury Community Garden Our group of six students was formed together in February, and now just a few months later we have come together and created a functioning community garden in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. It took a lot of effort and the contributions of many people as well as the city of Sunbury, but the end result is very promising and has a lot of potential for the future. Admittedly it is still coming together regarding applicants and actually running and organizing the garden, but we have set a strong foundation and the garden will be in good hands.

- Grace Beauseigneur, Anjali Jotwani, Hannah Rozowski-Vogt, Becca Shopiro, Sarah Small, Kailea Spitaleri

Download the Sunbury Community Garden brochure

Mayor Persing at the opening of the Sunbury Community Garden, with Kailea, Sarah, Anjali, Hannah, and Becca.