Two Geography Majors served as interns at the
National Geographic Society

Lauren Anderson, Class of 2009, and twelve other students were chosen as interns at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. for the summer of 2008. Each intern worked in a different department within National Geographic, and Lauren was associated with the Digital Media Department.

Lauren was a political science and geography double major and a Spanish minor who studied in Granada, Spain. She was an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She was also the offspring of two economic geographers, but she had a special interest in agricultural practice around the world and its impact on people and the environment.

Bethany Haines, Class of 2008, and ten other juniors and seniors majoring in Geography, or graduates in master's degree programs, were chosen as interns for the fall of 2008.

Bethany was placed under the "Education and Children's Programs" division. National geographic has a wide variety of publications for children, including magazines like National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Little Kids, and NG Explorer Classroom Magazine, as well as competitions such as the National Geographic Bee. The intern program stressed the diffusion of geographic knowledge and Bethany was very excited to help. She felt she related well to all different ages of kids, and that she had a lot of creativity to share.

Interns working at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington D.C. receive a paid remuneration plus a travel allowance. The purpose of the intern program is to furnish students with a professional learning experience through participation in various projects aimed at the diffusion of geographic knowledge. Interns are given the opportunity to apply knowledge and classroom techniques to practical publication procedures or other geographic outreach projects. Interns may be assigned to work in one of the many divisions such as magazines, books, or maps. Assignments may also include work on an increasing number of geographic outreach projects.