"Doing management education properly requires us to think deeply about the future and to redefine what it means to prepare managers for that future ... Our graduates must have the creativity, judgment, and intellectual curiosity to deal with the unforeseen."

— excerpt from the Report of the School of Management Curriculum Review Committee (2009)

A list of great leaders includes a wide range of political, religious and social leaders as well as business executives. Great product designers draw their inspiration from nature, art, and psychology. Great corporate strategists model their tactics on those of historical military campaigns. Kenneth W. Freeman College of Management faculty members take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and scholarship, because that is where great insights are found. We pass this sophisticated worldview on to our students through an innovative curriculum that combines the study of management with courses in culture, language, technology, science, history, human behavior, literature and the arts. A distinctive approach? Yes. A new philosophy? No. Bucknell has been committed to liberal education since 1846 and to rigorous management education since 1889.