More than 20 institutions around the world have implemented a version of MGMT 101 into their business programs.

By giving you real management experiences, MGMT 101 aims to provide you with a solid foundation for critical thinking about Organization and Management, for competent action as practicing managers, and for learning from your own and others’ experience. MGMT 101 students will be called on, sooner or later, to take managerial responsibilities in community, governmental, professional, social, and business organizations. Many of you will be in leadership positions, where you will be able to make real differences. MGMT 101’s general purpose is to make sure that your foundation for performance in those roles is solid. The clients of MGMT 101 are not only you, but also the people and institutions that will ultimately come to depend on your knowledge and skills. MGMT 101’s mission is thus very broad and ambitious, taking seriously an obligation to help prepare society’s leaders.

Company Stories

Examine the companies that have participated in the past 25 years of Management 101.