Linking Experience and Practical Theory

MGMT 101 is Bucknell's collaborative, experiential organization and management project course. MGMT 101 has been widely recognized as an innovative model for active general education about how, when, and why people work together to accomplish tasks. Throughout the semester, students experience "Management 101" – Practical Theory designed to serve as a solid foundation for life-long learning about organization and management.

In MGMT 101, students create and manage companies. They establish their own service missions and business objectives, design and staff their organizations, develop financial and operational control systems and procedures for organizational, group, and individual performance evaluations, implement service and business projects, and provide a final public report at the end of the semester. MGMT 101 companies are not "simulations" or "games." Each company will typically operate with a budget of $3,000 to $5,000 in order to deliver real services to clients and develop and sell real products and services to customers. || Learn more about this course.