We require the SAT or the ACT. You may submit SAT Subject Test results too, but they are not required for admission. Bucknell will accept current and redesigned SAT scores for admissions consideration. Applicants may submit scores from either test.

How will Bucknell use the redesigned SAT?

In the same way it did with the previous version, for assessment of an applicant for admission to the university, as well as for nomination or initial screening for academic scholarships. SAT and ACT results are always used as a secondary factor to a student's high school record in our academic review.

How will Bucknell know what scores on the new SAT mean?

SAT results, like those on other standardized tests, are statistically adjusted to show a student's performance relative to the population of test takers. Since the SAT is a relative measure of ability to perform in college studies, we don't expect the scales to be substantially different than the old SAT. Concordance tables will be used to equate performance on the old and new SAT, and match SAT and ACT results.

Will Bucknell require the SAT Essay? What about the ACT Writing?

Bucknell will neither require nor recommend the essay section on either the SAT or ACT. If results are provided, they will not be used in evaluating a student's application.

Will Bucknell superscore the SAT, both old and new together?

Bucknell will superscore (combine the highest subscore a student receives for each test date submitted) within test types — old SAT with old SAT, new SAT with new SAT. Bucknell does not currently superscore the ACT.