Bucknell offers an early decision plan that allows students to apply by November 15 or January 15 and receive an answer within one month of those dates. It is a first-choice plan, which means that Bucknell must be the student's first choice of colleges. Regular decision applications may be filed at other colleges, but must be withdrawn if Bucknell offers admission. For an application to be formally declared as an Early Decision Application, the applicant must submit the Early Decision Form with all required signatures by one of the early decision application deadlines. The Early Decision Form is available on the Common Application website.

Important Early Decision Dates

November 15 (EDI) or January 15 (EDII) - Early decision applications must be submitted.

Financial Aid

If you are applying for financial aid, you must submit the International Student Financial Aid Application (PDF) and documentation to verify parental income information, including a certified original bank statement (showing U.S. dollar amount), by  Nov. 15 or Jan. 15.  

Confidential Statement of Finances

If you are not applying for financial aid you must submit the Confidential Statement of Finances (PDF) and certified original bank statements. Please understand that due to limited funding, students who did not receive aid in the first year cannot be offered aid in subsequent years.

Early Decision Notification

Notification for early decision applicants is one month after the application deadline.