Bucknell University offers a welcoming community for international students to learn and socialize in a United States university setting. If you have attended an international school, you will discover a similar international community while attending Bucknell as friendships are built across cultures.

Bucknell's international community represents approximately 70 countries of origin. Some students are foreign nationals and some are dual citizens of the U.S. or have obtained their permanent residency.

Bucknell continues to attract more U.S. citizens who attend international schools; several of whom take advantage of the arrival and orientation program.

Bucknell has been recruiting international students for more than 15 years beginning in Asia. Currently, we recruit in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

For the 2014-15 academic year, Bucknell enrolled 223 international students, including degree-seeking, exchange, non-degree and Language Teaching Assistants. See the full International Enrollment Profile (pdf) as well as the International Applicant Profile.

Another group of students that is often considered a part of our international community is the domestic students that study outside the United States during their junior year. Bucknell ranks among the top five in liberal arts colleges in terms of numbers of students that study abroad. Currently more than 45 percent of the junior class will study abroad, which represents more than 400 students each year. Many of these students are active in international programs, clubs, and organizations.

The total number of international citizens, which also includes undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students, as well as language teaching assistants, totals more than 200 students. International students represent approximately 6.17 percent of Bucknell's total enrollment.