Q: What am I required to submit in order to be considered for admission to Bucknell University?

For admissions application requirements, testing requirements and information on finances and financial aid requirements, please visit International Students: Application Requirements.

Q: As an international student, must I take the standardized testing required of U.S. applicants?

Yes, you must take the SAT or ACT. We will not review your application unless we have received your scores from the SAT exam.

Q: Does Bucknell University offer financial aid for international students?

Bucknell is interested in enrolling students from all world regions and countries and from all types of socio-economic backgrounds. Some of our international students receive financial support from their families and sponsors. Others rely on funds from Bucknell for part of their tuition, room and basic meal plan.

Need-based Aid

Bucknell offers limited financial aid resources to support international students who are a) admitted to Bucknell and b) demonstrate financial need through an application process.

While Bucknell financial aid packages for international students can be significant, only a small number of highly qualified international applicants are ultimately chosen to receive financial assistance.

Please be aware that competition is higher for applicants with higher financial need. Bucknell is currently not "need-blind" for international students. A family's financial contribution toward a student's educational costs at Bucknell is part of the admissions review process, along with the other factors such as academic achievement, standardized test scores, leadership and service, unique perspectives and character qualities, special talents and geographic background.

Merit Aid

A few merit scholarships are awarded to international students each year, and all applicants are considered for such awards.There is no separate application process to receive an academic merit award, except for Presidential Fellows (application by invitation only) and Arts Merit Scholarships (includes application and selection process).

Due to yearly increases in tuition and fees, we recommend that students increase the amount of family support by an estimated 3.5% for each year of study. In order to apply for aid, students must submit a certified original bank statement (including U.S. dollar amount), and complete the Bucknell University International Student Financial Aid Application. The CSS PROFILE is not required for international students (except for Canadian citizens).

Bucknell's deadlines for the International Student Financial Aid Application are: November 15 for Early Decision I, or January 15 for Regular Decision and Early Decision II.

Q: Does Bucknell accept the Common Application from international students?

Yes, all applicants should apply through the Common Application.

Q: Is an interview required? How do I schedule a visit to Bucknell University?

No, interviews are not required, but are optional if you are able to visit campus. For visit options, please see We’d Love to Have You Visit.

You can also contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 570.577.3000 or by e-mailing admissions@bucknell.edu.