In order to receive credit at Bucknell, each previous course is evaluated by the Registrar’s Office to see if it is comparable to a Bucknell course in depth and scope, and applicable to the intended major. Courses in which the student has earned a grade less than C are not given credit.

Bucknell does not automatically accept two years of blanket credit for an associate degree. Courses not compatible with Bucknell’s course offerings will not be credited toward a Bucknell degree. Transfer candidates are urged to consult the Bucknell University Course Catalog. Note: Individual credit evaluation is done only after a student has been admitted to Bucknell.

A student may transfer to Bucknell with no less than 15 semester hours and no more than 80 semester hours of college work. Students who have completed more than the equivalent of two and a half years of college study are not eligible for transfer to Bucknell.

Except for unique cases, first-year students should not apply for mid-year admission but should plan to complete the first year and seek sophomore admission to Bucknell.