Who may apply?

Employees or dependents of other colleges and universities that participate in the national Tuition Exchange Program.

Are awards guaranteed?

No. The selection process for Tuition Exchange Program benefits at Bucknell is very competitive. A large number of qualified applicants express interest for a limited number of awards.

Who is eligible?

Only first-year students at the point of initial enrollment to Bucknell are eligible. The awards are renewable annually.

Students who are not eligible for the award as a first-year student, students who decline the Tuition Exchange award, and students who are not offered the award as first-year students are not eligible for Tuition Exchange benefits in successive years while enrolled at Bucknell. Transfer students are not eligible for the program.

What is the value of the Tuition Exchange award at Bucknell?

Bucknell's Tuition Exchange amount is 70% of tuition. It is currently estimated to be $40,460 for the 2019-20 academic year. Tuition Exchange for students participating in Bucknell sponsored off-campus programs led by Bucknell faculty (known as the "Bucknell in" programs) will also be valued at $40,460.

Tuition Exchange for non-Bucknell off-campus programs will be valued at 30 percent of Bucknell tuition. Students who have a special curricular need to participate in a non-Bucknell program may, prior to their overseas study, appeal to the provost for a grant covering the Tuition Exchange award.

How do I apply?

  • Complete and submit your application for admission to Bucknell.
  • The Tuition Exchange application must be filed through the Tuition Exchange Office at the home institution (the employer of the applicant or his/her parent). Applications must be made before Feb. 1.
  • For regular-decision candidates, Tuition Exchange benefit offers will be made by early April.
  • Students offered a Tuition Exchange award are requested to either accept or decline the tuition benefit as soon as possible, allowing Bucknell to communicate with applicants on the Tuition Exchange wait list in a timely manner.
  • Tuition benefit awards must be accepted by the deposit deadline noted on the Admissions decision letter.