The Mission of the Bison Club

  • To provide a fund raising arm for the department of athletics & recreation, concentrating on, but not limited to, annual giving in support of the University's 27 Division I programs and other specified areas (Cheerleading, Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, Merit Aid). Bison Club funds are to be used to supplement the existing University-funded budget for intercollegiate athletics.
  • To serve as a support group for all aspects of the program of intercollegiate athletics.
  • To promote interest in intercollegiate athletics at Bucknell University and to increase the prestige of its teams; to foster and maintain athletic traditions at Bucknell; and to provide an opportunity for the alumni to unify their support of intercollegiate athletics at Bucknell.


  • An annual meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held in Lewisburg in conjunction with the Bud Ranck-Tom Gadd Memorial Kickoff Classic golf tournament.  In addition, two conference call meetings will be held during the year; once in the fall and once in the spring. The Board will also hold an organized social function one time during the winter sports season. Other special meetings may be held at the time and place fixed by the Chair should need arise.

Leadership and Contact Information