WallingThis marks only the third time in the long history of awards to alumni that the board of directors of the Alumni Association has, by unanimous consent, decided to honor a member of the university's professional staff. For more than three decades, Fitz Walling has successfully worked in the affairs of the university.

As an undergraduate, he majored in education and was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity. He was active with the Christian Association, Booster Club, Sigma Alpha Kappa, intramurals, and the Inter-fraternity Council.

For more than 20 years, he served Bucknell as the director of admissions, and during that time he implemented the selective admission program that has brought the university into the modern era as one of this country's finest institutions of higher learning. His broad smile and enthusiastic encouragement have been the first welcome to candidates for admission. He has displayed tremendous compassion for students and has always counseled them in a manner that was best for them and the university.

For the last decade, he has built Bucknell's planned giving program into its current position of strength, and thereby, he has brought many new benefactors to support this university. He is known as a loyal and strong-willed Bucknellian - consistent, direct, honest to a fault, and tremendously supportive.