Awarded to an alumnus or alumna whose professional accomplishments and achievements are exceptionally noteworthy and distinctive in his/her profession.

According to Alexis Keen: "My mother deposited me on the Bucknell campus in the fall of 1909 with $400, and said that's all you get for a college education."

As an undergraduate, he and three other students enrolled in what was to be the university's first class in chemical engineering. Les McKeague went on to MIT, Herman "Whitey" Zehner joined Atlas Powder, and Hartley Powell went to work with Wellsbach. All four classmates enjoyed extremely successful business careers - Alexis Keen blazed a brilliant career as a research chemist at U.S.Rubber (now known as Uniroyal).

He is the holder of 19 U.S. patents, including many for products that were used as substitutes for rubber and beneficial to the war effort. He is credited with the process for making latex innertube molds, the development of fire retardants for industrial and domestic use, and developed many products which greatly enhanced safety on the highways and provided increased efficiency in the usage of battery separators and retainers.

His interest in Bucknell extends for more than 70 years and he often attributes his success in life to the time he spent at this university. He has been a loyal and generous financial supporter and outstanding volunteer for Bucknell, having contributed of his time and substance to every capital development program since the Stadium Fund in 1925. He is a Patron and a Founder.

He will celebrate his 96th birthday on August 19, 1984.