Awarded to an alumnus or alumna whose professional accomplishments and achievements are exceptionally noteworthy and distinctive in his/her profession.


Kunitake Ando graduated Bucknell with a BA in Sociology. While at Bucknell he was interested and involved in International Relations Club, Cultural and Diversity issues, and Music. After graduation he returned to Japan where he went on to University of Tokyo, School of Economics graduating in 1969. Thereafter he began his one company career path with The Sony Corporation where he rose to President, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, and Member of the Board.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Sony is a household name recognized in every corner of the world as a top quality manufacturer of products for audio, video, computers, communications devices, as well as music, motion pictures and information technology. Its revenues are over $72 billion per year and employs over 162,000 people. Along his illustrious career path to the pinnacle of Sony, Mr. Ando served in many capacities, most notably: The US General Manager, Corporate Planning, Sony Corporation of America now Sony Electronics Inc.., Deputy President of Sony Prudential Life Insurance Co., US President of Sony Engineering and Manufacturing, Executive Vice President Sony Audio Video Products Company, President of Sony Information Technology, President Personal IT Network where he was responsible for Sony's successful re-entry into the personal computer market with the VAIO series of personal computers.

The New York Times in a Feb 2004 article described Mr. Ando as an "affable and self depreciating man.  He has lead an ambitious multi prong strategy to bring about the transformation of Sony by the year 2006 which will be Sony's 60th anniversary. Mr. Ando at times is a bookish numbers guy, but he is Westernized in his marketing approach in that he targets getting market share. He tackled big projects, thinks creatively, and was not afraid of bucking customary approaches and thought outside the box!. He maintains contact, with Bucknell Alumni and worked with one in conjunction with construction of a TV assembly plant near Pittsburgh PA. He speaks highly of his experience at BU where learned much about US culture in his formative years and made some lifetime friends. He is an avid golfer, and enjoys tennis and swimming. He is very easy to be with and possess a very keen business mind. Very social person, down to earth, inclusive, likes to deliver what he promises.

Kunitake is married and has a daughter who graduated from Tufts.

It is with great pleasure that the Bucknell Alumni Association honors Kunitake Ando, with its Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Chosen Profession.