Awarded to an alumnus or alumna whose selfless and caring work and deeds benefit society and humankind.

Margaret Hollinshead Ley '60As an undergraduate majoring in English, Peggy Hollinshead was president of Pi Beta Phi sorority. In 1962, she was one of the first females to earn an MBA at Harvard Business School. She also holds a law degree from the University of Houston.

Armed with these outstanding academic credentials, Peggy Ley has focused her life work on helping those in need, particularly children and adults with learning difficulties due to dyslexia and AD/HD.

Since 1974, she has worked and developed programs at the Neuhaus Education Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston instructing teachers how to effectively teach students with dyslexia. A member of the board of directors and past president of the Neuhaus Center, she also is a trustee of Landmark College in Vermont, the only accredited college in the United States with curriculum designed exclusively to provide higher education for students with dyslexia and AD/HD. A member of numerous community organizations, she has been honored for her work creating programs to deal with school dropout prevention.