Would That No One Could Refuse Me


Thrusting past
The obdurate soil. Caged

In the henhouse, subject
To avian diseases. Would I feel

The corrugated flush of fruit flies
Swarming, would I wait for

The gate to close again, with
A pockmarked boy

Wearing guilt like a trench-coat.
Would I have taught you

Nothing, would I tell you put a cloth
On the pillow, or pillow on the floor

To mask the odorous imprint, would I trim
You with the tiniest blade, so you may fully

Heed my wettest lip, have you
Sprawl the coat on the bathroom floor,

Door that locks, the undone button. Would
I fix your eye on the distant


Jewel, hidden under skirts. Or let me
To love as a cow

At the slaughterhouse gate, let
Me keen for the hook,

Steely and skyward, as a child
Whose dazzling array of

Teeth dropping, dream of
The flowering

Grave, shallow where new teeth are
Born, then bones, then souls,

Then animals, without souls, pecking.


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