Do I need to take ENGL 101 if I want to be an English major, or ENGL 106 if I want to concentrate in creative writing?

No. If you have fulfilled your W1 requirement and feel confident about your reading and writing skills, you should begin your studies in English with a 200-level class.

When should I take the required course ENGL 199 (Survey of British and American Literature)?

As early as possible in the course of your studies in English at Bucknell – sophomore year, if possible.

Can an English major also minor in English (e.g., in American literature, English literature or creative writing)?


Where can I find out which major requirements a particular ENGL course satisfies?

Our “Course Requirements” web page contains links to lists of courses and major requirements by semester.

On my Academic Progress Report, the “Additional Electives in English” area is blank or reads “Not Met.” Is this a problem?

No. There is no requirement for additional electives in the English major. This area simply lists any English courses you may have taken that do not fulfill specific major requirements.

Can ENGL seminars fulfill both the seminar requirement and a historical period requirement for the English major?


Do ENGL capstones count as seminars?


Do independent studies (ENGL 319) count as seminars?