Career possibilities for history majors are wide and varied. Though many students of history choose to enter the world of education, that is not the only window of opportunity. As liberal arts students, history majors acquire skills that will give them what is needed to think critically, argue logically, and write analytically. It is these skills that allow history majors to choose from a very diverse career track.

Whether it is as an educator, researcher, writer, editor, manager, business person, or professional historian, if used to its full advantage, a major in history can get you a foot in the door in almost any profession. If you're still not convinced, call the Department (570.577.1123) and set up an appointment to talk to or meet with a professor.

You are welcome to borrow the department's copy of the American Historical Association's Careers for Students of History, which is roughly summarized here.

Some of our majors are ....


Jill Rolen '11 Jillian Rolen ’11: Greenwich Country Day School (GCDS) in Connecticut, teaches kindergarten at GCDS which is an independent, co-educational school that encourages creative teaching to motivate students and to foster a love of learning.

Brett Reilly ’10: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master's and Ph.D. program in Modern U.S. Foreign Policy, Southeast Asian History and Imperialism; traveling to Vietnam in the summer of 2011 to continue studies in Vietnamese.

Hayden Pirkle '10Hayden Pirkle ’10:  University of Damascus, studying Arabic Language and Culture in Syria and Egypt and working as a part-time journalist in Cairo. Read his blog

Stephanie Quinn ’10: Peace Corps volunteer in the village of Masida, in northeastern Namibia; teaching English and arts, grades 5 through 8.

Gabrielle Skovira '10Gabrielle Skovira ’10: Associate, Service to the Armed Forces, American Red Cross National Headquarters, Washington, D.C., Wounded Warrior Project. || Read more about Gaby

John Whitten ’10: The Nielsen Company, Research Analyst; and Market Researcher for consumer product companies.

Thomas Izard ’09: Sales Assistant, CRT Capital, Boulder, Colo.

Lauren Jaeger '09Lauren Jaeger ’09: George Washington University, pursuing a Master of Arts in Museum Studies; working with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History as a participant in the Military History Collections Project-National Air and Space Museum; and a teacher at the Dumbarton House in Georgetown. || Read about Lauren's summer internship

Lauren Perez ’09: Niskayuna, N.Y., pursuing a Master's degree in Political Science at James Madison University, in Florence, Italy, and will continue towards a doctoral degree in Political Science in the fall of 2011.

Elizabeth Cavallari ’08: Assistant Director of Admissions and Bucknell University, and pursuing Master of Education, College Student Personnel.

Alexander DeOteris ’08: Investment banker, Macquarie Group, New York, N.Y.

Ariel Farrar-Wellman ’08: currently at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, Calif., training for the U.S. Olympic team in 2012; Research Assistant for the American Enterprise Institute--Foreign and Defense Policy Department; and a private researcher for AEI's Iran

Brett Irwin ’08: United States Army, Intelligence, stationed in Germany and deployed to Afghanistan.

Laura Leviski ’08: University of Virginia, 2010 Master's in Speech-Language Pathology, with a hospital career planned in Baltimore, Md. or New York, N.Y.

Timothy Mauritz ’08: Wake Forest University School of Law

Trevor Gibson ’03: Graduate school in Public Policy at the George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Rebecca Morrissey ’00: Research Specialist, AMR Research


Jon Stephenson ’97: Research Associate, State Street Research and Management One

Robert Borham ’96: District Marketing Manager, Merrill Lynch & Co

Heather Focht ’95: Resident, Yale New Haven Hospital

Jason Shade '95Jason Shade ’95: Creator of Texting Trades || Read more about Jason

Philip Laffy ’94: Senior Vice President, First Business Group

Phillip Elliott ’93: Business Analyst

Matthew Ulterino ’92: Urban Planner, Earth Pledge Foundation

Andrea Falcione ’92: Attorney, Brody and Fabiani

Richard Chew ’90: Resident and Post-Doctoral Fellow, Library Company of Philadelphia

Benjamin Del Vento ’90: Assistant Prosecutor, Essex Co

Philip Cox ’88: Director of Admissions, Greenhill School

Steven Lichty ’85: Director of Client Management, Investors Bank & Trust


Kathleen Mitchell Rhyne '77Kathleen Mitchell Rhyne ’77: Senior Pastor, Congregational Church of Topsfield, Mass. || Read more about Kathleen

Christopher Gallup ’70: Psychoanalyst

Kenneth Wernick '70Kenneth Wernick ’70: Senior counsel for ethics at the Environmental Protection Agency || Read more about Kenneth

Susan Crawford ’69: Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for Armed Forces; Bucknell Board of Trustees

Robert Brush ’68: General Manager, Shoe Box Greetings

Frank Skidmore ’67: Director, IBM Networking Systems

Robert Seigel ’66: President, Gotham Organization

Burnadette Budd ’64: Editor and Publisher

Bruce Bonta ’63: Librarian, Penn State University

Bill Durland '53Bill Durland ’53: Professor of Philosophy, Pikes Peace Community College || Read more about Bill

George Young ’52: Senior Vice President, National Football League