Educational Background

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, Western Michigan University
  • M.A. in Mathematics Education, Western Michigan University
  • A.B. in Mathematics, Hope College

Area(s) of Specialization/Concentration

  • Professional development of mathematics teachers (includes pre-service and in-service) specializing in classroom verbal discourse, curriculum reasoning, and an emerging area of privilege and oppression in mathematics teaching and preparation of teachers.

Selected Publications

Book/Monograph Chapters

2011 NCTM Yearbook: Motivation and Disposition-Pathways to learning mathematics. (2011) Edited by Daniel Brahier and Editorial Panel: M. Lynn Breyfogle, Melfried Olson, Marian Small, Marilyn Strutchens, Denisse R. Thompson.

Breyfogle, M. L. (2010) Preparing Prospective Elementary School Teachers to Focus on Students' Mathematical Thinking. In R. Zbiek, G. Blume, & T. Evitts (Eds.) PCTM 2007-08 Yearbook: Focusing the Mathematics Curriculum (pp. 31-39).

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