Ajan Caneda '15

"Bucknell has really pushed me in terms of my involvement outside the classroom. I was pretty shy in high school, but since coming here I've tried many new things that have helped me to interact with more people on campus."

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Reasons why students study sociology. What are they?

Find out...

sociology major

Aaron Wilson '15

Aaron Wilson at the Geisinger Medical Center"I hope to become a doctor, so I'll have to be able to work well with people, and understand their needs. That was a critical aspect of the class and really relevant to my career."

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Beth Duckles

assistant professor

Beth Duckles

"To create a building you need to have people who are able to talk about green, and talk about the different pieces of what makes a green building, and to get other people to be on that same wavelength and to understand how these things fit together."

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What careers are available to sociology majors?

Sociology majors pursue careers in journalism, politics, public relations, business, criminal justice, law, non-profit organizations or public administration.

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The Sociology & Anthropology Department is located in Academic West, our newest building on campus.

The Sociology & Anthropology Department is located in Academic West, our newest building on campus.

Ben Barrett '16

sociology and biology

Ben Barrett '16

"I think that finding concrete patterns between variables that are applicable to the social world is really interesting."


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What do weddings, the natural gas boom and 9/11 memorials have in common? They’re all products of society, the results of people’s actions, habits, customs, desires and beliefs.

By studying sociology at Bucknell, you'll learn about social change, patterns and relationships among individuals, groups, organizations and societies. Focus on social categories including age, citizenship, class, family, gender, race and religion. Collect and interpret data. And gain practical experience through internships and fieldwork.

Did You Know?

Students interested in counseling careers find the pre-social work program in sociology as important as training in psychology.

Students gain hands-on experience collecting and interpreting social data. Learning about surveys and statistical analysis provides students with skills important in the job market.

Faculty Spotlight

Meet all of our faculty

Deborah Abowitz


Deborah Abowitz

Making sense of the social world, the good and the bad, being able to analyze social patterns, trends and institutions, is what I find endlessly intriguing about being a sociologist.

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Linden Lewis


Linden Lewis

I'm simply attempting to get people to think more critically about these things that they have taken for granted all their lives and have never really investigated. Part of that sense of inquiry comes from your own exploration. If you don't explore, then you're never going to really see anything differently.

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Carl Milofsky


Carl Milofsky

We have a tremendous interest among our students in public health. It is a terrific professional advantage for students to understand what they will be getting into if they go into public health.

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Hands-on Experience

Outside the classroom

Study Abroad

Many sociology students spend a summer, semester or year abroad in various regions of the world. Recently, students have gone to:

  • Barbados
  • Costa Rica
  • Spain


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Through the generosity of a former department major, Tracy Meerwarth '96, and her family, funds are available from the department to assist students with research expenses, including travel, and for the presentation of their research findings at professional meetings.



Sociology majors have worked as congressional interns, as social work aides and as interns with local magistrates, juvenile delinquency programs, the Lewisburg Penitentiary, the SCI-Muncy (a maximum security prison for women), the Bucknell public safety staff and the community center in Lewisburg.


Sociology & Anthropology

322 Academic West Bldg.




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