The maintenance staff here at Bucknell Golf Club strives to provide the best possible playing conditions under the prevailing weather conditions. Our focus is to provide consistency from green to green and hole to hole. We are able to do this because of the support we have received from the Green Committee, Board, and general membership for the programs we have instituted. Our tree management program, though in the early stages, has been an overwhelming success. The program allows us to harvest diseased trees, establish turfgrass in areas of rough where no soil or turf is present, and replant trees where voids occur. A very good example of this is in the rough area between #1 and #18. Trees have been removed, soil brought in, turfgrass established, and a tree planted. Environmental issues are always at the forefront here at BGC. Our spray programs are preventative and curative. We try to spray only when the prevailing weather conditions tell us there is the potential for a problem or when we see a problem.

Golf Course Management

Superintendent - Charles E. Lincicome CGCS

Assistant- James Laubach


Bucknell Golf Club Characteristics

BGC total acres

127 total – 89 acres #1 - #4, #10 - #18. 38 acres #5 - #9.

Acres of fairways


Acres of tees


Acres of greens


Average green size

7500 sq. ft.

Number of bunkers


Pond sizes

#9 - .5 acres, #12 - .87 acres

Type of irrigation system

Toro LTC

Water source

Pond at # 9 – 2 wells to refill.

Irrigation coverage

Fairways: single row and a few double row.

Greens and tees: full circle heads for surface and surrounds.

Pump Station

Located by the pond on # 9. Two large volume pumps and one jockey pump.


Started a pond naturalization and purification program on the # 12 pond. Stocked the pond with bluegills and plan to add bass.


Numerous ducks and usually a nesting female with ducklings each year. A nesting pair of cooper hawks. Deer visit the course regularly. A large variety of birds nest and visit.


All our tree limbs are ground into mulch. All pesticide containers are recycled. Containers are located around the course to recycle plastic, glass and aluminum.

and staff

6 full time staff members and 5-10 seasonal staff members.


Bentgrass / Poa annua mix. Inspected daily for diseases and other pests. Cut daily during the season at .125”. Groomed weekly. Sprayed and fertilized as needed. Verticut in the spring. Aerified the first week of August.


Ryegrass / Poa annua mix and Bentgrass / Poa annua mix. Inspected daily for diseases and other pests. Cut every other day. Bentgrass at 0.50” and Ryegrass at .625”.


Ryegrass / Poa annua mix. Inspected daily for diseases and other pests. Drag the dew for disease suppression. Cut every other day at .625”.

Intermediate rough

Ryegrass / Poa annua mix. Cut every other day at 1.25”


Ryegrass / Poa annua mix. Cut as needed at 2.5”


Raked 3 times per week normally and for every tournament and special event. Bunker faces hand mowed at 3”.

Miscellaneous Facts

Hosted the 2000 US Open first round qualifier.

Annual host of the NCPGA Men's Amateur.


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