Proper attire standards as described below apply to all players when playing at the Bucknell Golf Club.


All men's shirts must have collars. Women's shirts may be sleeveless without collars, but must be designed for golf. Examples of inappropriate shirts are; T-shirts, muscle shirts, tank top and halter-tops.


All shorts must be mid-thigh in length, loose fitting and hemmed. Examples of inappropriate shorts are; cut -offs, denim shorts, sweats, athletic shorts, swimming trunks and the like.


All slacks should be appropriate traditional golf attire. Examples of inappropriate slacks are; denim jeans or slacks with tears or holes.


Bucknell Golf Club is a non-metal non-penetrating soft spike facility. Metal or penetrating spikes are forbidden. Athletic turf shoes are not permitted. All members should inform their guest of this policy prior to their arrival. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Relaxation of the above dress code as it applies to spectators and users of the practice range is permitted as long as normal standards of decency and good taste are maintained.

All dress code issues will be at the discretion of the Professional Staff, and we ask that all members and guests honor their decisions.

Adopted April 14, 1999 by The Board of Directors